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Financial Literacy for New Immigrants

The GCAD Foundation realized out of experience that it takes time for new immigrants to adjust and learn the financial culture which will help them and make informed decisions. By working with partners, professionals and through evaluation of new immigrants, The GCAD Foundation was able to identify and master the pressing financial difficulties and needs new immigrants face.

We know that new immigrants both highly educated, refugees, skilled workers and those who come to Canada due to economic reasons; all face a variety of financial hardship upon arrival. We have become responsive to the financial needs of newcomers through counseling. Our focus is impactful and aimed to stop the new immigrants from falling into financial distress. Our program is also helpful to those who fall into financial hardship, homelessness, or socially dependent on welfare.

Our free seminars, testimonials, and basic financial lessons are tailored to build confidence and improve economic balance in the lives of new immigrants.

The Great Canadian and African Diaspora Foundation (GCADF)  is a registered non-profit organization in Canada.

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