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This is a humanitarian Aid ASSISTANCE distribution program. Under this framework, we receive financial and material donations from individuals, foreign or domestic, NGOs, large businesses and other organizations for prompt distribution to people displaced and facing humanitarian catastrophes caused by war or natural disaster.

Our principal objective is geared towards making sure that the donated welfare package; be it food, clothing or other items directly reach the displaced disaster victims. To achieve this, we furnish a team of knowledgeable volunteers to provide language interpretation and and work in conjunction the affected country's RED CROSS other known disaster management entities.

It is a known factor that lack of coordination, language barrier, poor distribution and inefficient network are the primary reasons that hinder aid distribution processes in African and Carribebean countries.

To reduce these concerns, The GREAT CANADIAN AND AFRICAN DIASPORA FOUNDATION, activities will surely help to systematically and equitably enhance the aid distribution process.

By doing so, we assume the responsibility of regulating of all relief activities by providing the requisite manpower before, during and after disaster.

The Great Canadian and African Diaspora Foundation (GCADF)  is a registered non-profit organization in Canada.

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