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A Message from Our Founder

Godwin N-Alakammadu Diogu
Oracle of Igboland in Diaspora


Having recently concluded an extensive survey in which I asked mostly Africans, particularly Nigerians, why they are behind economically and politically in diaspora. The answer was unanimously shocking to note that our lack of communal development, when compared to other immigrants, was not as a result of ignorance or lack of education.

Rather the most common answer I got was that we don't get along because we all want to be in charge and also we don't trust each other.  After carefully thinking through these fetish excuses, I personally made a conscious decision to debunk all of the the above stigmatization and every aspect of such negative ideation in our diaspora community.

I therefore, encourage each of you to reject it as well. To do so, please join my movement under the registered non profit entity know as 'THE GREAT CANADIAN AND AFRICAN DIASPORA FOUNDATION". If we truly love this land which we call home, we all must unanimously embrace the feeling of oneness which will channel us to tread the path of humanity. Through this foundation, we will issue awards to African Politicians who excel in their defense of human rights in their respective countries, and as well help increase participation of Africans resident here in political process of Canada.

Your support of this unique idea, will undeniably help our community establish the first multi purpose community event center here in GTA. This great united endeavor will surely help us advance as a people both politically and economically in Canada. I remain your humble community servant.

Wishing you all the best.
Godwin N-Alakammadu Diogu
Oracle of Igboland in Diaspora

The Great Canadian and African Diaspora Foundation (GCADF)  is a registered non-profit organization in Canada.

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